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The Hon. Rona Ambrose was first elected thirteen years ago, and was named to Cabinet in 2006. Rona was, at the time, the youngest-ever woman to serve as a minister of the Crown. As an advocate for fairness, respect, and the voices of all Canadians, she has earned respect across Canada and internationally - particularly for her tireless work on behalf of the rights of women and girls.

Following the 2015 election loss, there were no guarantees as to the future of Canada's conservative movement. It's only through Rona’s remarkable work ethic that today we are united, competitive in the polls, and leading in fundraising.

Rona's voice in Parliament will be missed, though we are all grateful for her many years of service. She is the best Prime Minister that Canada never had.

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Thank you, Rona.

What others are saying / Ce que les autres dissent

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper:

Laureen and I wish to extend our sincere congratulations and deep gratitude to the Honourable Rona Ambrose as she announces her decision to leave public life. Rona is a dear friend, an outstanding public servant, and a proud Conservative. Her remarkable career spanned 13 years in Parliament, during which time she was elected on five separate occasions, held five senior cabinet portfolios, and served as the Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Parliament.

As Prime Minister, I had the privilege of appointing Rona to some of the most complex and challenging cabinet portfolios in Government.  Between 2006 and 2015 Rona served as Minister of Environment, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Minister of Labour, Minister of Western Economic Diversification, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Minister for Status of Women and Minister of Health. Rona’s contributions to our government, both publicly and privately, were many. Yet despite a heavy workload, Rona always retained her warm and charming manner and down to earth Alberta humour.

Rona’s highly capable leadership of the Conservative team has set a high bar for those who will follow. Yet her commitment to defending our values reaches well beyond her Parliamentary career. Rona has been a passionate and articulate advocate for the rights of women and girls. As Minister for the Status of Women, Rona sponsored a resolution at the United Nations recognizing October 11 as International Day of the Girl. This effort to enhance awareness of gender equality, equal access to education, health care, and protection from violence for all girls around the globe stands as a lasting testament to Rona’s efforts.

On behalf of Laureen and our family, we could not be more proud as we thank Rona and JP for their years of hard work and dedication to Canada and the Conservative Party, and we wish them continued happiness and success in the next chapter of their lives.

Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell:

Since coming to do a project in Alberta in 2014, I have seen how highly regarded Rona Ambrose is by the people she represents. I have also admired her stellar performance- both in and out of the House- as interim Leader of the Opposition, supported by the delightful J.P. Veitch, whom I first met when I was in government. Rona has been a remarkable politician and I await with interest to see what challenges she takes on next. Thank you for your service, Rona, and warm wishes to you and J.P. for whatever lies ahead.

Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney:

Rona Ambrose has been a blessing for the Conservative Party.  In the wake of a difficult election, she accepted the responsibility of guiding the party and the official opposition through to a leadership convention.

Her leadership has been flawless throughout, marked by with good humour and a warm countenance. She has provided strong opposition in the House while offering sensible alternatives for the Canadian people to consider.  Rona has conducted herself with elegance and effectiveness and her highly impressive leadership contribution to Canada will be sorely missed as she now stands down to re-enter the private sector.

I offer her warmest congratulations on a job well done and every good wish for ongoing success in her new career.

Hon. Jason Kenney:

Canadians owe a huge debt of gratitude to Rona Ambrose.

Conservatives in particular are deeply thankful to Rona for her brilliant leadership. She took on an impossibly difficult task, and succeeded beyond any reasonable expectation. As a party having suffered a tough election defeat, we could have fractured in different directions, but Rona and her partner J.P. have done so much to build and motivate the team. They have travelled to every corner of the country, and Rona has brought energy and focus to our Parliamentary caucus. The Conservative Party of Canada is much stronger in every respect since Rona became Leader, as recent membership and fundraising figures demonstrate.

Rona has been a distinguished, effective, and widely-admired MP for the past thirteen years. She served in several Cabinet roles with distinction. She represents the very best of public service. And on a personal level, she has been unfailingly kind towards people in a political world that can often be brutal.

I am sorry to learn of Rona’s resignation from Parliament, but can understand her desire to return to private life. I join all Canadian conservatives in thanking her, and wishing her and J.P. all good things in the future.

Malala Yousafzai:

I wish you all the best as you step down from your role as Interim Party Leader and hope that you will continue to be a strong advocate for creating a world where all girls can learn and lead without fear.

Rt. Hon. Joe Clark:

Rona Ambrose has earned real respect as a measured, disciplined, and effective Leader of the Opposition in a difficult time for her party.

Brett Wilson:

Rona Ambrose brought thoughtful integrity to every political role she sought or accepted. A leader with passion for country and vision for Canada's future, she will be greatly missed on the national stage. She is truly the best Prime Minister Canada never had. She will be greatly missed.

Nancy Southern:

Rona has provided our nation with visionary leadership during her time in government.

Throughout her tenure, she has navigated diverse and complex issues with courage and commitment. Her warmth and empathy for all Canadians has been a hallmark of her success.

Rona has brought civility and grace to the deliberations of parliament; demonstrating integrity and perseverance in difficult times. She pays attention to detail and goes far beyond what others expect; always striving for the highest of standards, Rona's sense of duty to our nation has left an indelible mark of excellence.

Rona has made a profound contribution to Canada and her citizens.

Thank you Rona!!!

Brian Burke:

It's been a great honour for me to work alongside Rona on a number of incredibly important causes, especially initiatives related to anti-bullying.

I first met Rona on a trip to Afghanistan and I share her devotion and commitment to our men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, although I don't think she will ever forgive me for benching her during our hockey game against the soldiers!

Rona's vision and leadership during her time as Minister of Health were evident to everyone who had the chance to work with her, myself included. It's obvious that those qualities have served her and her colleagues well during her time as Leader of the Opposition, and that comes as no surprise to me.

I'm proud to call Rona a great friend and I share that honour with a countless number of people in Alberta and all across Canada. Best of luck to you in your next challenges, Rona.

Mike Rose:

Rona Ambrose did an excellent job as interim Conservative leader, replacing our former Prime Minister (who accepted his lesser role with dignity, duty and diligence) after a long period as MP and Minister in a number of roles. This was a difficult situation to step in to; the Party had been defeated after a long period of governing and a large number of the experienced Conservative MPs were gone. She was patient with the new and inexperienced Liberal Government, and I’m sure let a multitude of more minor rookie mistakes pass. Rona was however very direct, consistent, and unrelenting on the more major issues, including the economy, energy, job creation, health care and government spending. Rona was excellent at systematically yet respectfully demonstrating the huge inconsistencies and economic impracticalities of the majority of the Liberal policy agenda. She was successful in influencing this policy, bills and direction of a number of files, as best as possible in a situation where the governing party possessed a large majority and was attempting to move major initiatives through Parliament with minimal analysis or debate.

We are all very fortunate to have had Rona representing us as an MP, Minister, and Opposition Leader during the past many years.

Hon. John Manley:

In every generation of MPs, there are a few who stand out. Some do so by handling complex issues with intelligence and making serious contributions to public policy. Some make their mark by wielding power with skill, restraint and respect. Some just keep rising to the top: they are respected by colleagues from all parties; they are listened to by all, even by those with whom they disagree; they are supported and appreciated by their constituents.

Rona Ambrose has stood out for all of those reasons. As an MP, as a minister, and as leader of both her party and the Official Opposition, she has brought honour to her profession and earned the respect of Canadians. Parliament is a better place because she served in it. Her next life will doubtless be one of service in other ways, because that is who she is.

Rona, come on in! The water’s fine!

Sheldon Kennedy:

Rona Ambrose has been a tireless advocate for Canadians, especially for the rights of young women, girls and children. I have worked closely with her for many years now, and have always been inspired by her leadership, her enthusiasm and her compassion. This year, I’ve been especially proud to support her work to bring more accountability to the justice system for victims of abuse through The JUST Act. She has been an amazing Leader of the Opposition, and I know she has earned the respect of all Canadians. Rona is a dear friend, and I wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

Jim Irving:

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rona Ambrose, both as a senior minister in the previous Conservative Government, and in her latest role as Leader of the Opposition. Rona has been a strong leader in our country’s public life, and a role model to all Canadians who aspire to serve our country. I’ve always appreciated her passion and dedication to Canada and particularly to the people of Atlantic Canada. She has become a close friend of our region, and Atlantic Canadians appreciate her many contributions to Canada.

Rona: thank you for your service, and I wish you all the best for the next chapter of your career serving Canadians!

Tracy Porteous:

I would like to add my voice to those honouring Rona as she steps aside in her role as Leader of the Opposition. It's not that common to meet a politician who spent time volunteering at a sexual assault centre before entering political life but Rona was one such person. Rona was also among the first leaders in Canada to recognize the social change power in our Be More Than a Bystander program, preventing gender based violence via our training and education campaign with the BC Lions football club. And of course most recently, her private members' bill to ensure judges have training before residing over sexual assault cases caught the attention of the whole country. Partisan politics aside, when politicians use their platform for good, regardless of party, they will have my respect. Rona has mine. Thank you Rona.

Megan Walker:

Thank you Rona for being a strong and effective advocate for abused women and girls; for having the courage to initiate groundbreaking legislation to protect women and children; and for educating the government on the judicial changes that are vital to protect victims of sexual assault. Mostly, thank you for being accessible and interested in hearing from Canadians from all walks of life. You have never forgotten the people who placed their trust in you.

Nadia Murad:

To my dearest friend Rona, I would like to express my gratitude for all the help you have given to us, I would like to thank you for your dedication for women rights and for your passion and love. I was truly touched by your strength and leadership, you are a unique example and a hero for all women around the world and certainly for myself. Every time we met, I saw tears in your eyes and so much love and strength, you felt my pain and shared pain of thousands of women and girls like me who suffered under ISIS. I wish the world will have more leaders like you, leaders who equally possess strength and passion together,I wish the world could learn from you.

Murad Ismael:

On behalf of the Yazidi community, Yazda, and many victims of sexual enslavement and Genocide, we would like to thank Her Honorable, Mrs. Rona Ambrose, for her immense support for the past two years. Mrs. Ambrose was a forefront champaign for our community and all women and girls who have suffered under ISIS. Mrs. Ambrose took every opportunity to speak for the voiceless, and every time she done so, she become closer to our hearts. Our community will never forget the warmth of her heart and the passion she has shown us. We are certain that without the critical role of Mr. Ambrose the motion in the parliament with regard with the Yazidi genocide and help to women and girls won’t have passed. Again, we are grateful for Mr. Ambrose and wish her and the Conservative Party of Canada all the best.

Hannah Rittner:

Rona Ambrose pursued the Yazidi case with kindness, dignity, and precision. She is a thoughtful and passionate leader that clearly prioritizes women's rights across the globe. The insight and generosity she demonstrated to Nadia Murad, Murad Ismael, and I was nothing short of transformative. Without her participation and support, the case for the Yazidi people would not be as visible to Canadians -- and most importantly, it would not be seen as clearly as a non-partisan issue. Rona Ambrose, is a leader that has the grace to put politics aside for the universal wellbeing of the human spirit. By doing so, she has saved lives, most recently a significant amount of the Yazidi people. I can only imagine what she will do next. I look forward to learning of the many ways she transforms and touches people's lives. I wish her only my best.